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Conversations about the intersection of digital product design and development. Hosted by Matt Reich, front-end developer at Table XI, and Zeke Binion, product designer and founder of

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    Ep 6: Trust on Product Development Teams

    Trust is the base-layer of everything we do in product development. It plays a part nearly every phase of every project and can genuinely be the thing that makes or breaks it. In this episode, Zeke and Matt dig into the impact trust has on design and development teams, how to build it, and what happens if you lose it.

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    Ep 2: Product Process

    In this episode Zeke and Matt talk about the product development process. A little more specifically, what sort of information do you need when you start project and what can you do when you have trouble getting it.

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    Ep 1: Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

    In this quick episode Zeke and Matt chat about what they plan to discuss on this new Productship podcast. You'll hear a little background information from both and then some thoughts and ideas about what they see the show covering in the coming episodes. Get to know Zeke and Matt and discover Productship in one nice little package.